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Heater Repair, Replacement & Maintenance
Our Heater Repair Services Won't Leave You in the Cold
At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how important it is to have a heating system that you can rely on. Heaters should work efficiently, reliably, and powerfully as possible to keep you comfy and keep your bills low. We’re ready to help you achieve all three with our reliable heater maintenance, repair, and installation services.

Our business has teams of HVAC service professionals around the country. Each of our locations are independently owned and operated, so you can be sure that your heating service experience will be a local expert backed by the resources of a national brand. With well-stocked vans, ongoing training, and a 100% customer service guarantee, there’s nothing to lose by calling us as soon as possible.

Heating Services from One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
We’re ready to tackle any type of heating need you have, whether you need service on a boiler, heat pump, or geothermal heater.** All of our technicians are licensed, highly trained, and remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the heating industry.

Call Our Heating Service Pros Right Now at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
No matter what kind of heater your home has, it needs heating maintenance to operate reliably. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive annual maintenance plans to help you avoid costly and frustrating heater breakdowns. We do this by looking for small problems that often turn into large ones. Best of all, we offer different tiers of annual maintenance plans to fit all budgets and needs.

If you’re facing emergency heater issues, we’re ready to take your call 24/7. Many of our locations offer emergency heating services when HVAC system failures happen on nights, weekends, and holidays. We place integrity and customer service above everything else and back our work. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting around all day for a technician to show up. So, when we make an appointment with you, we’ll show up when you expect us to. If we are late for any reason, we’ll pay you back for your time!
Heating Repair - Home Service Available 24 Hours
Without the proper experience and tools, emergency heating repair services can be complicated and time-consuming. Don’t subject yourself to the stressful and potentially hazardous mistake of trying to fix a heating system alone. With guarantees/warranties on all services and parts, we offer peace of mind and professional integrity. Our specialists utilize proven techniques and cutting-edge technologies to get the job done smoothly.

What Causes Your Air Conditioner to Stop Working?
Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Repaired
When a heating system emits odd smells, sporadically fluctuates on and off, fails to heat your home, causes a noisy racket, or won’t power, it is time to call an HVAC professional for trusted repairs.
Low Refrigerant
If left unchecked, low refrigerant will eventually lead to frozen evaporator coils. This can cause many complications.

Odd Smell from Heating System
A faintly smelly gas-powered heater is often natural and normal. If you are using a heater for the first time in a while, the source of the scent may just be accumulated dirt and dust burning off. Nevertheless, we recommend staying vigilant and calling an HVAC specialist to inspect the unit if the smell persists or intensifies. When strong odors do not diminish over time, you may have a gas leak or something burning inside your unit.

Cold or Lukewarm Air Temperatures
When a heater is running, your house should warm up quickly and efficiently. If the thermostat is cranked up and you are still experiencing frigid conditions, there may be a leak in your ductwork. This can occur in air ducts that are largely invisible, running through your crawl space or attic. Luckily, our technicians know where to investigate and can adequately insulate your ducts. We won’t let cold drafts and wasted electricity ruin your winter!

Constant Thermostat Adjustments
Abruptly changing the temperature can be harmful to your heating unit and thermostat. When a heater is constantly turned on and off, it works harder, sucking up more electricity. Adjusting your thermostat too often can also cause components of your heating unit to wear down quickly, causing expensive repairs and replacements!

Heater Has Trouble Starting
A heater should turn on with little effort. If you find your unit is struggling to start, it is time to troubleshoot the problem. This may be the result of a dirty or faulty pilot, a problem with the natural gas line, disconnected wiring, dead batteries, or a damaged thermostat. It is important to avoid installing a thermostat in direct sunlight, near hot appliances, or vents. Doing so may cause skewed temperature readings.

Discolored Pilot Light
Checking a pilot light is an easy and telltale way to detect gas imbalances. The color of a healthy pilot light should be bluish, indicating the ratio of gases is well-balanced. When the pilot light is yellow, this is cause for concern. A yellow pilot light usually means there is too much carbon monoxide and/or a ventilation problem. Signaling potentially serious health risks, a yellow pilot light warrants immediate professional attention.

Heater Installation
An Experienced AC & Heating Company Here to Help
You don’t want to find yourself amid a blizzard, snowed in, and wondering how many more layers of clothing your body can stand before you start experiencing heat exhaustion. Heading to the kitchen for sustenance shouldn’t be a competition between near starvation and freezing. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer detailed and trustworthy heater installation services that ensure your home is entirely comfortable and not a future site for the winter Olympics.

As a reliable AC and heating company with various locations around the country, we’re dedicated to installing your heating system so that it operates at peak efficiency for years. We understand that no two homes are exactly alike, so heating requirements aren’t one-size-fits-all. Offering you custom heating installation services is both for your benefit and satisfaction.

Heater Maintenance
Keep the Heat Turned Up with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning
Are you over the temperature outdoors matching the one indoors? We don't blame you! Not only does an inefficient heater make your space uncomfortable, things can become unsafe if your entire heating system goes out. Way more than a simple inconvenience if you ask us!

But don't worry – One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is here to ensure your home remains reliable and comfortable even during the coldest months with professional heater maintenance from a team of HVAC experts. We'll arrive in a yellow truck (instead of on a white horse) regularly to rescue you from uneven airflow, undesirable temperatures, and anything else making you freeze your socks off!

Why is Heater Maintenance Important?
Whether you own a home or manage a business, the heater in your space needs regular maintenance to ensure it's going to work when you need it to – and work properly at that. Having your residential or commercial heater receive routine maintenance from a One Hour professional allows you to benefit from several things.

Equipment Protection and Extending the Life of Your Heater
We want to extend the life of your equipment. Routine heater maintenance can make that happen. The amount of regular, preventive maintenance will ultimately determine how long your home's heater will last, so don't delay calling our team and scheduling your next maintenance appointment – and the one after that.


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Fully responsive, retina ready & created for all types of devices. York makes sure your website looks equally breathtaking when viewed on all screen resolutions.Fully responsive, retina ready & created for all types of devices. York makes sure your website looks equally breathtaking when viewed on all screen resolutions.

Fully responsive, retina ready & created for all types of devices. York makes sure your website looks equally breathtaking when viewed on all screen resolutions.Fully responsive, retina ready & created for all types of devices. York makes sure your website looks equally breathtaking when viewed on all screen resolutions.

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